Monday, February 15, 2010

Revlon Beyond Natural Review

Design: This quad is nicely laid out, and the little squares have a nice appearance(like mini chocolates).

Pigmentation: Bad, bad, bad, bad. Must i

Price: $6-8USD

Would you repurchase this: No.

This cream to powder shadow is a really great idea, and I was intigrued to purchase this so infact i did. BAD IDEA. You litterally have to pile on the shadow for it "show up" and after about an hour the shadow has creased significantly(with primer), and is nearly invisible. When revlon says "beyond natural" they truly mean beyond natural...its invisble. *ooooooh* 8)

Dear oh dear, I'm sorry revlon but this is a breakup letter to your beyond natural quads, cream to shadow.

Good bye.
bela <3

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