Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Favorite "Lippie" Products--with reviews

Oh well the title says it all-- except for the part that most of these are drugstore items. Yippee! Now, a list and picture of the great things i have collected :


  1. Revlon's Colorstay: Cozy Coral, and Smooth Nude
  2. Nuetrogena shine gloss in "fizz"
  3. Revlon's Matte: Nude Attitude


  1. MAC'S lipstick: Myth
  2. MAC'S Dazzleglass gloss: Girl's Delight



Before starting i would like to say I LOVE all these products. Continue.


Cozy Coral, colorstay

  • Pigmentation/color: 4.5/5 for pigmentation. The color is rich pinky orange (see swatch).
  • Cost: $8-10 USD bit of a downfall, i wish it were cheaper.
  • Does it last?: Gladly, yes! 3-4 hours or more...depends what you are doing. Even after the lipstick itself has mostly worn off your lips do keep the hue.
  • Review: The colorstay collection(lipsticks) are all extremely creamy when you apply them!!!! They're satiny smooth, it feels very luxcurious. After a while they do become harder and your lips may feel chapped, so be sure to apply some sort of chapstick under or over them.
  • Overall Score: 4.5/5 Mainly because this lasts and has a great creamy color and feel.

Smooth Nude, colorstay

  • Pigmentation/color: 4/5 for pigmentation. The color of smooth nude, is a nude mixed with a very light pink.
  • Does it last?: 3-4 hours. Which means yuuuuup. :) Creamy, but it sure lasts.
  • Cost: $8-10 USD
  • Review: This lipstick a slightly bit frosty, so if you don't especially love frost, that's okay because smooth nude is a fabulous creamy color for you. A nice light pink, even though it's name is nude. If you really want a lighter color out of this lipstick i suggest putting some foundation over your lips before applying. As well as chapstick.
  • Overall Score: 5/5 creamy, but stays.

Nude Attitude, matte

  • Pigmentation/color: 3/5 for pigmentation. A light nude pinky color, nude attitude is a more washed out color compared to smooth nude. So if your looking for the lighter of the 2 go with this one.
  • Does it last?: 2 hours- give or take.
  • Review: Compared to the colorstay lippies which are creamy when applying, nude attitude is hard-as-a-rock. :( Even though this is true without comparing it it feels like almost any other drugstore lipstick. If your going to wear this be sure to wear a gloss on the top or else you make look like a zombie. 8/
  • Overall Score: 4/5 Perfect for a nude lip.


Myth, lipstick

  • Pigmentation/color: 5/5 for pigmentation. A nude lip, nothing more to say, it does look better than just concealer swiped on your lips.
  • Does it last?: I'll get back to you:)
  • Cost: $14 USD
  • Review: "Ohh it feels like heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speeeeak; and I seem to find the happiness i seek..." Hehehe, anyways so creamy and lush!! Easy to apply, easy to remove. End.
  • Overall Score: 5/5

Girl's Delight, dazzleglass lipgloss

  • Color: I would like to start by saying this color looks incredible on darker and olive skin tones. It brings out your natural glow. Glimmery orange red color (please see swatch).
  • Does it last?: Why yes, about 2 hrs. +
  • Cost: $18 USD
  • Review: Dazzle like a thousand diamonds! Glimmery, glimmery, glimmery, this lipgloss lives up to it's name. No sticky feel here either, glides on like a dream, and stick for quite a while. *Looks good over Revlon's lipstick in cozy coral*
  • Overall Score: 5/5


Nuetrogena's shimmer gloss in Fizz

  • Color: Light shimmery pink.
  • Does it last?: 1-2 hours
  • Cost: $6-8 USD
  • Review: This almost lives up to MAC's dazzleglass glosses. In the sunlight this gloss truly sparkles, there are trillions of shimmers in this tube. It's a bit sticky when you apply this, and still has that "sticky feeling" after a while as well, but overall i would say this is a topnotch gloss for a drugstore.
  • Overall Score: 4.5/5 The only reason it's not 5/5 is because of the stickyness >.<

*post is in process of being updated

Monday, February 15, 2010

Revlon Beyond Natural Review

Design: This quad is nicely laid out, and the little squares have a nice appearance(like mini chocolates).

Pigmentation: Bad, bad, bad, bad. Must i

Price: $6-8USD

Would you repurchase this: No.

This cream to powder shadow is a really great idea, and I was intigrued to purchase this so infact i did. BAD IDEA. You litterally have to pile on the shadow for it "show up" and after about an hour the shadow has creased significantly(with primer), and is nearly invisible. When revlon says "beyond natural" they truly mean beyond natural...its invisble. *ooooooh* 8)

Dear oh dear, I'm sorry revlon but this is a breakup letter to your beyond natural quads, cream to shadow.

Good bye.
bela <3