Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Favorite "Lippie" Products--with reviews

Oh well the title says it all-- except for the part that most of these are drugstore items. Yippee! Now, a list and picture of the great things i have collected :


  1. Revlon's Colorstay: Cozy Coral, and Smooth Nude
  2. Nuetrogena shine gloss in "fizz"
  3. Revlon's Matte: Nude Attitude


  1. MAC'S lipstick: Myth
  2. MAC'S Dazzleglass gloss: Girl's Delight



Before starting i would like to say I LOVE all these products. Continue.


Cozy Coral, colorstay

  • Pigmentation/color: 4.5/5 for pigmentation. The color is rich pinky orange (see swatch).
  • Cost: $8-10 USD bit of a downfall, i wish it were cheaper.
  • Does it last?: Gladly, yes! 3-4 hours or more...depends what you are doing. Even after the lipstick itself has mostly worn off your lips do keep the hue.
  • Review: The colorstay collection(lipsticks) are all extremely creamy when you apply them!!!! They're satiny smooth, it feels very luxcurious. After a while they do become harder and your lips may feel chapped, so be sure to apply some sort of chapstick under or over them.
  • Overall Score: 4.5/5 Mainly because this lasts and has a great creamy color and feel.

Smooth Nude, colorstay

  • Pigmentation/color: 4/5 for pigmentation. The color of smooth nude, is a nude mixed with a very light pink.
  • Does it last?: 3-4 hours. Which means yuuuuup. :) Creamy, but it sure lasts.
  • Cost: $8-10 USD
  • Review: This lipstick a slightly bit frosty, so if you don't especially love frost, that's okay because smooth nude is a fabulous creamy color for you. A nice light pink, even though it's name is nude. If you really want a lighter color out of this lipstick i suggest putting some foundation over your lips before applying. As well as chapstick.
  • Overall Score: 5/5 creamy, but stays.

Nude Attitude, matte

  • Pigmentation/color: 3/5 for pigmentation. A light nude pinky color, nude attitude is a more washed out color compared to smooth nude. So if your looking for the lighter of the 2 go with this one.
  • Does it last?: 2 hours- give or take.
  • Review: Compared to the colorstay lippies which are creamy when applying, nude attitude is hard-as-a-rock. :( Even though this is true without comparing it it feels like almost any other drugstore lipstick. If your going to wear this be sure to wear a gloss on the top or else you make look like a zombie. 8/
  • Overall Score: 4/5 Perfect for a nude lip.


Myth, lipstick

  • Pigmentation/color: 5/5 for pigmentation. A nude lip, nothing more to say, it does look better than just concealer swiped on your lips.
  • Does it last?: I'll get back to you:)
  • Cost: $14 USD
  • Review: "Ohh it feels like heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speeeeak; and I seem to find the happiness i seek..." Hehehe, anyways so creamy and lush!! Easy to apply, easy to remove. End.
  • Overall Score: 5/5

Girl's Delight, dazzleglass lipgloss

  • Color: I would like to start by saying this color looks incredible on darker and olive skin tones. It brings out your natural glow. Glimmery orange red color (please see swatch).
  • Does it last?: Why yes, about 2 hrs. +
  • Cost: $18 USD
  • Review: Dazzle like a thousand diamonds! Glimmery, glimmery, glimmery, this lipgloss lives up to it's name. No sticky feel here either, glides on like a dream, and stick for quite a while. *Looks good over Revlon's lipstick in cozy coral*
  • Overall Score: 5/5


Nuetrogena's shimmer gloss in Fizz

  • Color: Light shimmery pink.
  • Does it last?: 1-2 hours
  • Cost: $6-8 USD
  • Review: This almost lives up to MAC's dazzleglass glosses. In the sunlight this gloss truly sparkles, there are trillions of shimmers in this tube. It's a bit sticky when you apply this, and still has that "sticky feeling" after a while as well, but overall i would say this is a topnotch gloss for a drugstore.
  • Overall Score: 4.5/5 The only reason it's not 5/5 is because of the stickyness >.<

*post is in process of being updated

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