Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rimmel's Glam Eyes Mascara

This is a review on Rimmels Glam eyes mascara. Enjoy!

The claim:Glam’eyes delivers ultimate lash seduction thanks to its unique Volumflex brush. Coloured powder-pink for sexy boudoir glamour, its supple bristles are ultra-fine for sleekly groomed lash definition. Glam'eyes mascara wraps each lash with the creamy lash-building formula for lashes that appear styled with up to 10 x more volume and an 80% longer look.

The real deal: So even though the claim says that you will receive 10x more volume, that is definitely not the case that i found. My lashes appeared to have to the same amount of volume after putting on many coats, but, i did find my lashes were much much much longer! This definitely delivered long lashes. If volume is what you seek  this isn't the mascara for you, but if you seek spectacular length i highly recommend this mascara. This is defiantly one of my faves! It also comes in waterproof.

Price: USD $6-8
Rating: 4/5, only because they claimed to give you a volumized look
Would you purchase this again?: YES.

                   Before                                       After

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